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Jul. 7th, 2014

Today is my mummy's birthday! Daddy built her a special house for plants in the garden. She got all happy and cried.

I think the flower pot I painted with fairies for her is better though.

Jun. 22nd, 2014

If anyone has any idea where Daisy might be or saw anything suspicious last night, please come forward. Time is of the essence with cases like these. Please. She's only a little girl. This is my worst nightmare.

I knew it. I knew I was close. I knew that that g

Jun. 20th, 2014

backdated to Monday

I had the best birthday party ever!! And now I am seven!

May. 14th, 2014

Daddy and Mummy wouldn't let me play with the journal for days and days. I can use it now, but Daddy made the quill so it won't read most of the entries to me anymore.

Does anyone want me to draw them a picture?

May. 1st, 2014

Today I get to have candy floss, and dance around the maypole, and have my face painted with my daddy, and do a scavenger hunt with my mummy! I love the Badger Festival!

Apr. 24th, 2014

Today Frankie and I are selling biscuits! We might come to your door so you can buy some!

Daddy says to say that he will be with us the whole time.

Apr. 13th, 2014

For the second time in a week, I've just returned from taking my daughter to the pediatric ward at Mungo's to have her checked for any damage that may have been done to her by the bastard who thinks that Imperiusing and frightening six-year-olds is an acceptable occupation. While shaken and missing memories, Daisy is otherwise unharmed. Whoever has been tampering with her mind ought to be very, very thankful that they did not harm her in any serious way.

Clearly you meant to send me a message. I've received one, though it may not be the one you intended. I am not going to back off and I assume from your sudden interest in my child that some of my recent movements have made you nervous. If you thought that threatening my child would make me less inclined to stop you terrorizing this community, you are sorely mistaken. You are also clearly not a parent. I am more dedicated than ever to seeing you thrown in Azkaban for the rest of your worthless life.

Touch my daughter again and I will not be responsible for my actions when I find you. And I will find you, make no mistake.

Apr. 4th, 2014

Private to Alexander Derrick
Thank you, Mr Derrick, for returning my daughter to me relatively unscathed. I hope I can expect your discretion as far as this incident is concerned, for Daisy's sake.

Private to Susan
We need to discuss something rather serious.

Nov. 30th, 2013

I'm at Frankie's house and we had ice cream and we just saw Stephen kissing Mandy and it was gross!!!

Frankie says hi!

Nov. 27th, 2013

Private to Susan
I wish you had told me how important the ball was to you.
Your friend is unpleasant
I've heard a rumor that you're not planning to attend the Blue Moon Ball this weekend, is that true?

Nov. 25th, 2013

If it is one month until Christmas why can't I start my Advent calendar today?

Aug. 30th, 2013

Warded to Those Not Affected by Love Potion
It would appear that the town water supply has been contaminated with a love potion. Please proceed with caution. Water purification potions will be available at the Mayor's Office within the hour. Please add a drop to any water before drinking it or cooking with it. Use freshening charms to avoid bathing. The Ministry is working on decontaminating the water and on tracking down the source of the outbreak.

Please do not mention the love potion to those infected as they will not believe you and may even become violent in the defense of their feelings.

Aug. 29th, 2013

Miss Heidi just went crazy and tried to jump on Daddy and kiss him and he had to use that spell that makes you stop moving!

Aug. 23rd, 2013

Daddy says I can play with the journal again but I have to follow the rules this time. And he gave me this kitty!!

I want to name her Susan!

Aug. 16th, 2013

Private to Susan
You seemed

I hope you made it home safely yesterday.

Aug. 3rd, 2013

So the Singh girl set the fires. But why? The magic keeping her from giving a straight answer is powerful and strong and without a traceable magical signature. Whoever cast it knew what they were doing. But is this the work of an outside force or part of a carefully constructed pre-emptive legal defense in case she was ever caught? The squints better figure this out soon.

I apologize for any information my daughter may have passed off as official or accurate yesterday evening. It was not official. She was meant to be in bed and was, instead, lingering outside my study door and catching bits of pieces of information that she didn't understand. As she was asleep again by the time my meeting was finished, I was unaware that she had been near the journal until this morning. The post has been removed.

Aug. 2nd, 2013

I just heard Daddy say that Miss Audrey admitted that she made all those fires. Why would she do that? I thought she was nice!

[OOC: This post was deleted by Henry the next morning, but feel free to continue posting on it as if it were the evening of the 2nd.]

Jul. 22nd, 2013

I spotted the most badgers but now I don't feel good.

Jun. 30th, 2013

(backdated to last week)

Susan, why is everyone dancing and talking about dancing so much?

Jun. 7th, 2013

Godric's balls, does everyone in this bloody town have a motive for killing the man? I've never had the good fortune to investigate the murder of a less pleasant individual.

Must remember to speak with that Fawcett girl. I don't think she's a killer, but if nothing else, she needs to learn that grandiose posturing does no one any good. Particularly not in the middle of a murder investigation.

I'm afraid I won't be answering any questions about Mister Orpington's will. It is my understanding that the DMLE will comment officially in the Evening Prophet.

I must, however, beg for a bit of assistance. It has come to my attention that my daughter is expecting The Event of the Season for her birthday next week and I'm afraid that planning parties for small girls is not, exactly, my personal forte. I'd appreciate any tips you might have. Cheers.

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